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Utah Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC) License

  • See the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) website  for licensing information.
  • CMHC Application  
  • It is the student's responsibility to determine if he/she has met the Utah DOPL requirements.  While we do our best to keep the requirements up-to-date, there may be changes made that we are not aware of. We cannot guarantee that DOPL will accept all coursework.
  • Tuition is $416/credit hour.  All courses are offered via distance education.  
  • Students who have completed the USU MRC degree (52 credits) are required to take 8 additional credits to be eligible.  Students who completed a 48-credit-hour masters degree will have additional requirements. 
  • DOPL requires a 1,000 hour internship providing mental health therapy in a mental health setting. Students who complete a 1,000 hour internship would need to register for 4 credit hours (2 credits the first semester and 2 credits the 2nd semester).  If it takes a student longer than 2 semesters to complete the internship, the student will be required to register for 1 credit for each additional semester. Internships completed in a traditional vocational rehabilitation setting will not qualify towards the CMHC internship requirement. However, these credits would most likely count towards the Other Counseling Courses Requirement**.  
  • In addition to the required coursework and 1,000 hr internship, students must also document a total of 4,000 hours of supervised experience as an employee of an agency that engages in mental health therapy.   

Courses in Bold are the additional coursework above the 52 credit MRC.  

Utah Licensure Requirement USU Course


Required Credits

Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice REH 6100 - Introduction to the Profession of Rehab Counseling 2
Social and Cultural Diversity REH 6220 - Cultural Practices 2
Group Work REH 6250 - Group Work 2
Human Growth and Development Across the Life Span REH 6260 - Human Growth and Development 2
Career Development REH 6160 - Job Development & Placement 2

Helping Relationships, Including Theory and Skills in

Counseling and Psychotherapy with Individuals

REH 6200 - Theories of Counseling

REH 6130 - Counseling Skills

Substance Use Disorders or Addictive or Compulsive Behaviors REH 6350 - Treatment Approaches for Addiction Disorders  Fall 2017 2
Psychometric Test and Measurement Theory REH 6190 - Introduction to Assessment 2
Assessment of Mental Status

REH 6320 - The Diagnosic & Statistical Manual (2 credits) Spring 2017

REH 6180 - Rehabilitation of Persons with Severe Mental Illness (2 credits)

Research and Evaluation in Clinical Mental Health Counseling REH 6230 - Introduction to Rehabilitation Research 2

Other Counseling Courses (30 credit hours)


Elective REH 6240 - Ethical Decision Making 2
Elective REH 6120 - Psychosocial Aspects of Disability 3
Elective REH 6210 - Advanced Assessment 2
Elective REH 6110 - Medical Aspects of Disability 3
Elective REH 6150 - Rehab Services and Resources 3
Elective REH 6220 - Cultural Practices 1*
Elective REH 6250 - Group Work 1*
Elective REH 6260 - Human Growth & Development 1*
Elective REH 6160 - Job Development & Placement 1*
Elective REH 6230 - Introduction to Rehabilitation Research 1*
Elective REH 6140 - Practicum 3**
Elective REH 6170 - Internship 9**

Internship and/or Practicum


Internship in a Mental Health Setting REH 6560 - Advanced Practicum & Internship (1,000 hours) 4

*Some of the USU courses that fit the educational requirements are more credits that what DOPL requires.  For example, the DOPL requirement for Human Growth and Development Across the Life Span is 2 credits.  USU’s Human Growth and Development class is 3 credits.  The extra 1 credit can be applied to the Other Counseling Courses section. 

** DOPL indicated that practicum and internship credits in a vocational rehabilitation setting would most likely count towards the Other Counseling Courses section.