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Category R Certificate Program

How to Apply


  • Fall semester: July 15
  • Spring semester: November 15
  • Summer semester: March 15


Application Instructions


To apply for the program, we require:

1)      Submission of online application

2)      Copy of your transcript  (does not have to be an official copy) verifying your qualifying master’s degree sent to:

Kris Wengreen
Category R Certificate Program
Special Education & Rehabilitation
Utah State University
2865 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT  84322-2865

FAX: 435-797-3572


3)      $35 application fee (check made out to Special Education & Rehabilitation) to Kris at the address above.


Please note that only degrees in the following areas will be eligible for the Category R certificate:  Behavioral Health, Behavioral Science, Disability Studies, Human Relations, Human Services, Marriage and Family Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Psychometrics, Rehabilitation, Social Work, Special Education, and Vocational Assessment/Evaluation.


This program is eligible for Federal Financial Aid (student loans).  An additional application and $40-55 application fee is required. 


Please be prepared to answer the following essay questions when you fill out the application (answer the questions beforehand and then cut and paste into the application form).  The quality of your responses will have weight in the admission decision process.


1)      Please discuss in depth how your current job description fits within the larger profession of rehabilitation counseling

2)      Please discuss your personal preparation, willingness, and strategies for successfully completing graduate level education at a distance